Crowdsourcing Pollution Control


With billions of dollars invested year round, a suitable solution is necessary to help dramatically reduce the costs of pollution with the simplest and most intuitive changes that many overlook. This project was made to make a point and show that radical ideas and innovations aren’t always what is necessary to solve mankind’s problems ; smaller and more intuitive ideas on larger scales can completely change the field. In this report one small intuitive idea is tested to find out how much of a better value of our money are we getting. How can we tackle the biggest challenge of climate change without breaking the bank? The small intuitive idea that I was testing in this project is replacing all the conventional stoves with catalytic stoves in developing countries. I will be measuring the methane (one of the most dangerous greenhouse gases) output difference, the cost per metric ton of methane, the amount of money necessary to give every family in developing countries a catalytic stove, and the return on investment (ROI). It was concluded that it costs $1198.90 to society per metric ton of methane expelled. With over 100 million metric tons of only methane it accounts for a large part of the pollution. It will cost approximately $10 billion to give every family in developing countries a catalytic stove with a yearly output of 61 million metric tons of methane less than with catalytic stoves. Finally we look at the ROI and find that we get an equal output with only $10 billion dollars of investment per decade compared to a $480 billion dollar investment per year. This mind blowing result equals a 4800% ROI and yet we still accomplish the same task.


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